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About this course

If you  love taking online art classes to learn tips and techniques, to nurture your creative muscle and get inspired while practicing and developing your skills…Darling,  you have come to the right place! 

TRANSFORMATIONS offers all of that plus a bonus challenge activity at the end of each lesson to help you L E A P  beyond the safety of the step-by-step process and into the realm of personal exploration and connection. Go further and deeper  when you are ready. The lessons are yours to download and keep forever.

This course offers 7 self-contained, wonderfully stimulating art lessons designed with a playful approach to help you increase your understanding of mixed media materials and techniques, develop your technical skills while feeding your creativity. 

How will you transform?

Every time you intentionally engage with your creative process, you open a door to personal transformation. Art heals. Art helps you connect with your true self, and with joy.

This class will help you increase your confidence as an artist and continue to develop your personal style. It is designed for beginner and intermediate students who would like detailed technical information about materials and techniques. The videos show all the steps so you can break down the mixed media process. For advanced students, this class offers a fun project idea and the possibility of combining the visual process with writing prompts that invite you to delve into yourself.

Learn to listen to your gut when making choices & decisions that ultimately define your artwork.

Learn about new materials and old materials used in new ways. Use what you have around to create pieces you love and that a special meaning to you.

Build your courage by accepting the challenges!

What's in this course?

  • 7 delightful and thorough project lessons to get you painting
  • Each little painting gets you closer to a fully altered board book
  • 5+ hours of video you can download for later reference
  • Bonus Challenges in each lesson for an even bigger transformation! It's like getting 2 classes in 1!
  • Prompts to help you personalize this project, go deeper within yourself, and further develop your art style.
  •  Access to a community of kindred creatives who will cheer you on, provide feedback & help you be accountable for your transformation.