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Jessica Dolce

Hiya! I'm a Compassion Fatigue Educator supporting people in their role as caregivers to people, pets, and our planet.

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About this course

Compassion Fatigue: What You Need To Know! is a FREE webinar created especially for people who work or volunteer with animals.

Join me live on Tuesday 9/15/15 at 7pm EST for a 40 minute whirlwind tour of compassion fatigue, followed by a 20 minute Q+A session!

As you may already know, compassion fatigue is the natural consequence of stress resulting from caring for and helping traumatized or suffering people or animals. Almost all of us who work or volunteer with animals experience compassion fatigue at some point. But hardly anyone talks about it. So even though it’s a normal reaction to the stress of our work, we think we’re the only ones who are struggling.

I've created this introductory webinar - a very brief tour of a very big subject - to help people who work with animals get access to the basics of compassion fatigue: what it is, what the symptoms look like, and a quick tour of what we can do about it!





About Me: I’m Jessica Dolce, a certified compassion fatigue educator, dog walker, writer, grad student, creator of DINOS, and author of Notes from a Dog Walker. I’ve spent my entire career caring for companion animals as a dog walker, animal shelter volunteer and employee, and animal welfare advocate.

And I’ve experienced compassion fatigue and burnout firsthand! I built this webinar because I want to make sure others have access to the tools and information that I wish I’d known about. More about me here.




Disclaimer: This webinar is NOT a substitution for professional mental health care. If you’re suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, or are having suicidal thoughts, please seek professional help.