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Sharon Fennimore, MA

I am a teacher, yogini, women's health coach, artist, and rogue anthropologist based in Vermont. I enjoy working with my clients and students to find a sense of equanimity and peace in their lives regardless of circumstances. In addition to the yoga and meditation training programs with an emphasis in meditation and Buddhist philosophy that I offer, I also specialize in working with women around issues of reproductive health, pregnancy, and stress management. I work with private clients all over the world using SKYPE and facilitate group coaching programs like this one.

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About this course

One of the greatest tools we have for meditation is our breath.  In this course, we read the Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breath (in English translation) and explore breathing and meditation practices that help us embody the key concepts of the text.  No experience with meditation is required or expected and basic meditation instructions are included in the introduction section of this course.  Course includes a copy of the sutra, two audio-guided practices and resources for further study.