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MarLo online courses are masterfully crafted by Chantill Lopez and Cori Martinez, both of whom are dedicated teachers, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs. With more than 15 years EACH of expertise teaching yoga, Pilates, meditation, self-inquiry as well as life and business coaching, they offer quality education and experience in each of their courses.

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About this Course

In this workshop you will learn not only the most straight forward protocols that you can use consistently and with great success, but you will learn how to be more SKILLFUL in how you APPLY your knowledge so you never feel unsure or unprepared when working with scoliotic and osteoporotic students again.


The Awesome Skills You Will Develop in The Course ARE:

  • Learn the Three Most Important Rules to ALWAYS follow when assessing your students needs in real-time, within a session or class, that will also dictate short and long term programming!
  • Step-by-step approach to progress your scoliotic and osteoporotic students to greater levels of challenge while attending to their specific needs.
    • Learn how to NOT isolate them or make them feel weak or incapable, but instead strong, motivated, and challenged.
  • Simple, straightforward strategies to keep your scoliotic and osteoporotic students safe in a group class environment:
    • Go-to modifications and variations that will continue to push them and make them feel included and working hard.
  • Finally understand these two conditions so you can make on-the-spot adjustments and intelligent planning decisions that optimize your students’ experience EVERY TIME!