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About this course

Small Business Owners, 

Need to create a Digital Marketing strategy but not sure you really understand the subject well enough? Or just don't know where to start? 

It's more straight-forward than you think. 

In this 101 online course we'll explore:

  1. What the key digital marketing tools/platforms available to the small business owner are ie a website, social media, email marketing
  2. How to decide which ones are best suited to your business needs
  3. How we might use them for best effect in a small business environment
  4. What sort of impact we are likely to see when they are used properly

We'll also give you opportunities along the way to explore your own readiness for creating or enhancing your digital marketing strategy by using assessment worksheets and additional downloadable pdfs that take a closer look at some of the subject matter. 

As an bonus, the course also includes the option to join into discussions with fellow students and ask questions of the course creators. It's nice to know there is support if you need it.

All Canadian content created right here in Alberta and driven by one of the best learning platforms of its kind. 

Community Futures Capital Region supports small businesses in Alberta but is committed to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit of people everywhere!