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Angela Maiers is an award-winning educator, speaker, consultant and professional trainer known for her work in literacy, leadership and global communications. She is an alumnus of The University of Iowa and has her masters degrees in educational supervision and reading from the University of Iowa and has spent 22 years working in Elementary, Middle and University settings as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, coach, special programs facilitator, and University Professor. Today, Angela is at the forefront of  New Literacy and Web 2.0 technologies. An active blogger and social media evangelist, she deeply committed to helping learners understand the transformational power of technology. Her intimate knowledge of teaching and learning, down-to-earth style, and powerful message of literacy as change have made her a highly sought after keynote speaker and a vibrant courageous voice in both the business and education space. As owner and lead consultant at Maiers Educational Services, using her p

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About this course

Our global classroom, you will expereince first hand the transformative power of technology and social media as it will grow you ability to:

  • Find Relevant Information
  • Manage Tasks and Information
  • Research effectively
  • Engage more deeply in projects
  • Pursue your passions
  • Connect you with experts and mentors
  • Stay passionately committed to what matters most

We will operate as a community of learning and practice. There are no experts here, only those with more expereince. Each and every learner will have a voice and place in our community. As we engage in conversations, collaborative projects, and inquiry- oriented learning, you will find yours.

DIgital literacy is about communication and participation, so we will be exploring the bounds of these new literacies in a number of ways, such as blogging, microblogging. live and archived chats, discussion forums, audio and video experiments.  You will be evaluated in our community and in the global community on your willingness and ability to emmunicate effectively in and across each of these mediums.

To get the most out of this course and your expereince over the next several weeks, be expected to be overwhelemed. Understand that this may be new. And celebrate the struggle and grapple ahead. What lies after, is indescribable. Your learning will never be the same.