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Anniken Allis

Anniken is an experienced knitting pattern designer and teacher. She has been designing knitting patterns and teaching workshops around the UK since 2007. Her patterns have been published in British and American knitting and crochet magazines and she has designed for several yarn companies, contributed to several book and written two books, Easy Lace Knits and Beaded Lace Knitting. Anniken, who lives in the UK, grew up in Norway and learnt to knit as a young child. For more about Anniken and her other online courses, designs and yarns please visit

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About this course

Too many wips? Too much stash? Wish you could knit faster? Well now you can! 

Would you like to learn to knit the continental way? Continental knitters carry the yarn in their left hand and their movements are usually much smaller than English style knitters which makes it much quicker. Anniken can knit up to 90 stitches per minute. She can't promise that you'll be that fast but with practice, you can definitely learn to knit faster!

Anniken's in person Continental Knitting workshops are extremely popular.

 If you can't attend her workshops, here's your chance to attend her online course.

Anniken is a popular & in demand teacher as well as a prolific designer. Her designs have been widely published in the UK & the US including the cover design of Vogue Knitting Holiday 2015.

Continental knitting is now an 'on demand' course which means you can start straight away.

You will learn:

  • Continental knit stitch
  • Norwegian purl stitch
  • Continental purl stitch
  • Continental Long Tail Cast On which is very quick. I can cast on 300 stitches in 6 min 50 sec
  • How to knit simple lace and cables continental style
  • How to knit faster
  • Troubleshooting - frequent questions answered

 Students who have previous taken this class online say::

  • Helen: 'The first time I've ever taken an online course and it was just AMAZING. Anni is a wonderful teacher. Can definitely recommend it'.
  • Sue: 'The very clear, concise knitting video was so easy to follow; really enjoyed it. Now all I need is  practice'.
  • Valora: 'Yay it has improved my knitting so much'.
  • Ripping Yarns: 'Great course, it really helped me understand why I was making mistakes when I tried to purl'.
  • Helen J: This class is just brilliant. I would highly recommend it. My knitting is now more even and faster. I can honestly say her course is well worth it. She explains things just as it needs to be easy. Also took her online finishing course and I can honestly say my knitting has never been better.

This course is not aimed at complete beginners but anyone who know basic knitting skills (whichever style you use) will benefit from this course. I have been teaching this course in yarn shops in the UK since 2006 and my students have ranged in age from 20something to 80+. Some students have been knitting for a couple of months and some have been knitting for 60+ years.

The Online Continental Knitting course can be taken at your own pace when it suits you and you will be able to access the course material indefinitely after the course has finished. However I guarantee access and teacher support for 3 months after the course has finished.

The course includes videos and written lessons.  You can ask questions and discuss with your fellow students as well as e-mail me privately. You can also upload videos or photos when you ask questions. You can watch the videos on any internet device (computer, laptop, phone or tablet).

This course starts as soon as you've signed up.  After the course has finished you will keep access to the course material indefinitely and can repeat the course as often as you like.

For more information about other online classes please visit my website.

Any questions please contact me on

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