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Donna Powers

Donna Powers, DCH Donna is a homeopath, online educational teacher and is also available as a workshop consultant, speaker and writer. As a homeopath and educator, Donna provides information about infectious childhood illnesses and teaches parents how to use homeopathic remedies to help support self-healing. Outbreaks of infectious childhood illness are happening more frequently worldwide. Having a system of medicine that will support healing at home is critical. In epidemics and pandemics (especially in viral outbreaks) conventional medical support will be limited. Donna's mission: a homeopathic kit in every home and to know how to safely and successfully use the remedies. DCH Homeopath, Founder and Owner of Powers of Homeopathy. Publisher Homeopathy First Magazine.

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About this course

Got a sick kid? Have a homeopathic remedy kit? Now, what to do? Learn about homeopathic pharmacy! 

It's quite a transition to go from seeing a doctor who gives a prescription, to learning about how to determine repetition, dosage and potency, and of which homeopathic remedies. 

The most common questions I receive are, "Is this the right remedy? How do I know? How much do I give? How often? How strong? What symptoms do I watch?" 

Join us and learn!

Here's what a previous attendee shared: 

"After taking this class with Donna, I feel more confident in determining the specifics of remedies that I should use. As a mother with little children, I quite often find it difficult in the thick of acute sicknesses. In those times, I feel I need to be quick in figuring out which remedy and dilution to use. Donna put my mind at ease by sharing a clear outline to follow when a homeopath cannot be reached. As well, she shared alternative suggestions to try when I feel it is the correct remedy but the illness does not react in a predictable way. (I learned, for instance, the difference between preparing a wet infusion as compared to giving a dry remedy.) I also feel a bit better knowing that I can antidote what has been given if I have given the wrong remedy, or the wrong dose. The information presented in this class would be helpful to all parents. Donna's dedication to helping people feel empowered and supported while using homeopathy shines through. Thank you Donna for all of your knowledge and expertise!" - JS