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Andrea Mielke Schroer

As an author, instructor, and business owner, Andrea Mielke Schroer has been sharing the love of fiber arts with fellow enthusiasts for over 20 years. Based in Wisconsin, USA, she has written for Spin-Off and PLY magazines, and taught from her home, shop, and at conferences across the nation, such as Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, Michgan Fiber Festival, SOAR, New York Sheep Wool, MAFA, and more. You can visit her website at

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About this course

The goal of the course is to take you from "The yarn is holding together, this is kind of cool, but still really slow and frustrating." to "This makes so much sense! It's almost effortless. It's really fun!"

Does this sound like you?  You are spinning on a spindle, but have been running into snags, frustrated by the learning curve, and just want to enjoy it, not fight with it.

You know the basics of drafting, but want to take your spindle spinning to the next step. You want to be happy while spindle spinning.

The things you will learn in this course will apply to spinning with both top whorl and bottom whorl spindles, and will teach you just that - Better, Happier Spindle Spinning.

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Here are nitty-gritty details about this course: 

Each lesson will contain 4-7 activities, including videos, photos, illustrations, group discussion, and the occasional downloadable pdf.

Taught by an experienced spindle spinning, with over 20 years of experience in spindle spinning and leading fiber arts workshops.

You will have access to the entire course for the life of the Ruzuku platform. There is no expiration date!

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This is what previous participants, ranging in skill level from 1 year to 20 years of spinning experience, have had to say about this course:

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the course!"

"Well planned. You shared a lot of information without wasting any time or leaving anything out."

"I really enjoyed your style of teaching and the way it was presented"

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