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Sharon Fennimore, MA

I am a lifestyle coach, yoga and meditation instructor and rogue anthropologist working with my clients and students to find a sense of equanimity and peace in their lives regardless of circumstances. In addition to the yoga and meditation training programs with an emphasis in meditation and Buddhist philosophy that I offer, I also specialize in working with women around issues of reproductive health, communication and stress management. I work with private clients all over the world using SKYPE and facilitate group coaching programs like this one.

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About this Course


This is a group coaching program where you will learn a number of techniques that create space in the mind, help you access multiple seats of intelligence in your body and give you the tools and support you need to make positive changes in your life.  I offer private coaching sessions to clients, but there is something wonderful about being a part of a group and having access to the gifts and challenges of everyone who participates.  

In addition to basic meditation techniques, you will learn how to cultivate awareness, mindfulness and compassion.  Most of these techniques take 5-15 minutes and no matter how busy you are, you will have time to add some of these practices into your daily life.

Many of us find that our whole lives feel cluttered and that our spaces reflect on our scattered states of being as they overflow with objects.  We feel stifled and wonder why we don't have enough time, enough space, enough sleep, enough exercise.....enough ANYTHING really.  Learn how to release your stuff and make space in your environment, body and mind at the same time. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed with anxiety as you attempt to release stuff in lesson two, then you should feel relieved to know that there are simple techniques you can use to release worry, fear and anxiety.  

When we try to change, our ego is our number one enemy.  Your ego goes through various stages of guilt, shame, horror, anxiety, grief and depression when we attempt to change a habit, pattern, way of being or living.  Ego hates change.  Therefore, you will learn how to calm ego when it is upset and find a place of equinimity. 

Here you will find a program evaluation form, suggested readings, how to continue with your efforts to make room and how to schedule private sessions with Sharon using your 50% session discount for being a part of this group coaching program.  


On the second Sunday of every month (no teleseminars in July and August), Sharon will hold teleseminars on a particular topic and technique with plenty of time for Q&A.  You can call-in live, listen online OR download the recording and catch-up later at your convenience.


Four times a year, on the fourth Sunday of the month, Sharon will hold a webinar to provide video instruction of techniques and practices.  These will be recorded and you can download the MP4 file and watch at your convenience.  (JANUARY, MARCH, MAY, SEPTEMBER)


If you have tried to let something go before and failed, you might wonder if this is just another exercise in futility.  But, as the research listed below indicates, it is possible to change the expression of your genes with meditation alone.  If you can change the expression of your genes, your body's response to stress and even lower cardiovascular risk factors, then you can certainly clear out the clutter on your office desk, face fertility challenges, shift your commitment to worry and fear, manage chronic pain or grief, or change your life in any way you wish.  Being a part of a supportive group is certainly a wonderful way to nourish your commitment to making space.

Changes your body's response to stress so that it is less harmful.

Lower cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and stress hormones

Helps adults with irregular heart rhythm

Change the expression of your genes (yes, you read that correctly---change your genes!)