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Rebecca Sutherns, PhD

I am a Certified Professional Facilitator, strategist and coach. I love to design engaging experiences that help others learn and collaborate effectively. I have been a successful solopreneur for more than 20 years, running a busy consulting practice in Ontario, Canada. I also enjoy travelling, knitting, and spending time with my husband, our four young adults and brand new granddaughter. See for more details.

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About this course

January 18 to February 12, 2016

"Making Your Good Stuff Better" is designed to:

  • help you make "meeting basics", such as agenda-setting, process design, brainstorming, prioritization and documentation, more engaging and effective.

"Making Your Good Stuff Better" is designed for:

  • anyone who is called on to lead meetings or workshops. Perhaps you are a facilitator seeking to sharpen your skills. Or maybe you don't think of yourself as a facilitator at all, but you find yourself leading meetings or chairing committees, all the while wishing you felt more comfortable and had more "tools in your toolbox."

You Can Expect:

  • practical, accessible and varied exercises to take your basic facilitation skills to a more expert level, including demonstrations, conference calls, expert interviews, lively discussions, tips, practice exercises and opportunities for self-assessment;
  • live conversations with instructor Dr. Rebecca Sutherns, Certified Professional Facilitator;
  • self-paced lessons spread over four weeks, requiring between one and four hours of time per week; and  
  • encouraging discussions with a vibrant and diverse community of other learners.

Here's what others who took this course in 2015 have to say:

"Extremely well executed and engaging."

"I found the course very professional, the content high-quality, Rebecca’s leadership very effective, and the overall result to be a great addition to my professional toolkit."

"I feel very fortunate to have found the course "Making Your Good Stuff Better". I  often find myself leading technical meetings and workshops and it was eye opening to learn of the facilitation world and have it unpacked by someone so experienced and knowledgeable. The interview sessions with other facilitators offer different perspectives and the ongoing weekly dialogue with other participants was engaging. I would recommend this to technical people to help them think outside the box, even just a little bit, in their delivery."

"This course introduced me to an enriching and inspiring world that I never even really knew existed. With a tremendous diversity of material and concepts, this course has improved my confidence to facilitate meetings far beyond what I could have accomplished on my own. "

"Engaging, informative and very practical. I would highly recommend it."