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MarLo online courses are masterfully crafted by Chantill Lopez and Cori Martinez, both of whom are dedicated teachers, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs. With more than 15 years EACH of expertise teaching yoga, Pilates, meditation, self-inquiry as well as life and business coaching, they offer quality education and experience in each of their courses.

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About this Course

I LOVE anatomy. I'm a self-professed, and frequently accused, anatomy geek.

Not only that, but what drives me to study and learn and then teach anatomy is that I want to know WHY the body does what it does, or at least what it has the potential to do in any given situation.

In this online course you get the exact same information as in my live 14-hour course, which I've been adapting and exploring for more than six years now. This course gets nothing but rave reviews from live participants. Time and time again, students have asked me to put the course online and I'm finally able to do it.

I know you are going to love this course no matter if you've been teaching for 20 years or you are just getting started.

Like I recently told a student of mine: You can never get enough anatomy because you learn it in layers. What ever is meant to land, whatever you are ready to "hear", is what you take away. Everything else gets "stored" for later.

Revisit anatomy, get re-inspired by it, dive deeper into the aspects of connective tissue, fascial-oriented training, the anatomy of breath and the movements of the pelvis.

There is nothing like this course to get your juices flowing for the human body :)

Hope you'll join us! 


P.S. You must have "The Trail Guide To The Body" book 4th Ed or higher to successfully participate.