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Adrienne Lopez, the founder and creator of MindHeart Space, has always been passionate about supporting individuals to develop and express their full potential, inside and outside. She is a firm believer that all individuals have the answers they are seeking within and given the optimal conditions, they can learn to more easily access their internal resources and trust their own inner wisdom. As an educator, a certified Mindfulness instructor, and a trained Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practitioner, Adrienne has become experienced in coaching others in getting their needs meet at school, work, and home. Serving as a classroom teacher for 10 years in a public school, she has also worked as an educational consultant and as a private educator for 4 years. She has been committed to incorporating mindfulness and NVC into school culture. In additional to her academic career, Adrienne worked in the beauty industry for several years in southern California.

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About this course

Through a blend of weekly group class and daily “homework” assignments, participants will learn and practice relaxation and meditation methods , gentle exercises appropriate to the participant’s abilities (there are no restrictions on participants’ physical abilities), and readings.  Class topics are as follows:

  • Mindful Breath and Anchor Words
  • The Mindful Body
  • Distinguishing Thoughts from Emotions
  • Cultivating Kindness and Gratitude 
  • Mindful Communication
  • Mindful Eating

In his book, The Mindful Brain, Daniel Siegel outlines the different aspects of well-being that are developed by stimulating the pre-frontal cortex (PFC) through mindfulness (Siegel, 2007). Some of those aspects include:

• Body Regulation: the state of coordination and balance between the brakes and accelerator of the nervous system. When our body is regulated, our level of alertness and energy is appropriate to the setting.

• Self-Awareness: our sense of ourselves, creating a coherent life story by connecting present awareness, our life story, and images of the future. This is a key to building positive social connections.

• Emotional Regulation: emotional experience that is appropriately activated, so life has vitality and meaning. When emotions are dysregulated we become overwhelmed and emotionally chaotic. When emotions are not regulated we may experience stagnation or depression, a sense that our life is not meaningful.

• Fear Modulation: our ability to calm and soothe, or even unlearn our own fears.Mindfulness is an awareness practice that builds the fundamental capacity to sustain increased levels of self-awareness that result in greater well-being!