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Since 2000, Relume has been supporting senior leaders in complex global organisations challenge the status quo - in themselves, their businesses and in their market sector.

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About this Course

Challenger Week


Challenger Week is for leaders who want to challenge convention

As a Challenger Week participant you are likely to be at least 20 years into your career, with 20 years (unless you are lucky) to go. You are smart, successful and realise a different type of learning is needed to be an exceptional leader over the next two decades.

We need more Challenger leaders

We believe we need a new leadership approach that competes with the 'growth through control' model of organisations rooted in the Industrial Age. There are many of us who are searching for new ways of leading and are exploring what this looks like. Our Challenger Week will be a place of connection with others where personal stories of change leadership can be told, worked with and transformed.

Leading through challenge and compassion

This is wholehearted work that will bring challenge into your everyday leadership practice. You can expect to be working at the edge of your learning capability where you become intimate with your emotions, fears and anxieties. It is a practice of both challenge and compassion that will leave you feeling stimulated and rejuvinated and better connected to your leadership ambition. 

Participants can expect to experience a profound and sustained internal shift within themselves in order to better lead others in an increasingly complex workplace.

Focus for the week

Challenger Week will focus on four practices that we need to dedicate ourselves to. They are an expression of the epic nature of the change leadership challenge, and are all underpinned by a foundation of resilience that we will also explore during the week.

  • The practice of awareness: heightened sensitivity to changes around us and in us

  • The practice of valiance: Putting ourselves at risk.

  • The practice of gentleness: To be in conflict without force.

  • The practice of persistence: Accepting it was never going to be easy. 

Further details

  • Dates: Challenger Week will be for 5 days from late afternoon on Monday 20 November to lunchtime on Friday 24 November 2017.

  • Venue: We have carefully chosen Cats Abbey in the heart of the Cotswolds as our working space for the week. Situated on a National Trust estate, the converted barn and gardens provide an intimate and welcoming space for us to explore, experiment and share our experiences.

  • Availability: Our Challenger Week is for 12 leaders that are ready to challenge the status quo in themselves, their organisations and communities. 


"I left with a greater sense of wellbeing than I can remember, and with a new-found lightness in my professional leadership practice even in 'heavy' situations."


Reflections from previous participants

Click on the icons below to read the Challenger Week insights and reflections from some of the previous participants. 

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