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Rhona Berens

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About this Course

What's the biggest obstacle entrepreneurs, creatives and other professionals face growing our businesses and achieving our goals? Our own Inner Critics! Those internal conversations and behaviors (e.g., procrastination) that keep us afraid or paralyzed, especially when we're on the cusp of something new, like charging clients more money, starting a new project, or pretty much any other professional cliff we're about to jump off! Sometimes we power through until our Inner Critics start interfering again; other times, we convince ourselves we're comfortable with the status quo. Either way, our Inner Critics hold our professional development, and dreams, hostage while we struggle to decide our next moves, or stay stuck.

It's time to tame our Inner Critics, to tip the balance of power so that we--our best selves, our most competent, confident, kickass selves--call the shots and lead our business and professional growth.

TAME YOUR INNER CRITIC is a fun, interactive and effective 5-session program for empowering entrepreneurs, creatives and other professionals, to make decisions, take action and pursue changes that serve our vision, goals, and commitment to professional success and wellbeing. Created by Individual & Relationship Coach, Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC, this course is based on Rhona's proven 5-step formula to lower the volume, influence and impact of our Inner Critics so that we stop playing small and leap into a bigger game in our businesses and ourselves. Scroll down for Rhona's bio or contact or for information. To watch a video about this course, click here

BIO: Rhona helps entrepreneurs, leaders, parents and creatives achieve their goals and love life while they're doing it. Her work-past includes: Tenured Department Chair at the University of California-Irvine, where she specialized in media and communications; VP of Client Services, Customer Care and, then, Community Development at 3 online portals; and business consultant. Her consulting clients included: Communispace, New Media Strategies, and PlanetOut Partners. Rhona's passionate about helping clients get out of their own way so they can make their dreams come true. Check out and for more info. Rhona is certified as a Co-Active Coach by the Coaches Training Institute, graduated in Relationship Systems Intelligence from the Center for Right Relationship, and is accredited by the International Coach Federation. She's a graduate of McGill University in Montreal and UCLA.