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Jenny Blake

I love helping awesome people (like you!) organize their brain, move beyond burnout, and find clarity, flow and momentum in life and work. If you're looking for help mapping what's next, check out my latest book, PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One (Portfolio/Penguin Random House). I look forward to working with you in this course!

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About this Course

At a fork in the road? Feeling stuck or stagnant?

Looking for some guidance as you reflect on this year, and dream and scheme for the next one?

"Observe any squirrel during nutting time and see how busy he is laying a stock of provisions for Winter. Bushels and bushels of acorns and nuts are gathered by the little fellows and stored in the hollows of trees and in other accessible nooks. When these are filled the squirrel buries his treasures in the ground. Busily, like a streak of gray lightening, he whisks about under oaks picking acorns and burying them in the ground in a thousand and one spots. From sunrise to sunset he and his mates are busy storing away the Winter supply.

...Doubtless many of the acorns buried by the little planter are forgotten. Others are covered under snow before he has a chance to dig them out. In either case, an acorn has been planted as delicately as if by hand of man, and only the thaw of the ground and the warm Spring sunshine are needed to coax forth the oak.

—The New York Times (Published March 15, 1903)

What do squirrels, acorns and oak trees have to do with you?

With just two months left in the year, it's a time when many people wrap things up, reflect, and spend time with family. It's a time where many of us are starting to hunker down, set ourselves up for modern-day hibernation, and start getting prepared for winter. It's also a time for us to start nurturing ideas for what's next and where we want to focus our effort in the coming year.

The Acorn Project is a one-week course that will help you reflect and start gathering fuel -- ideas, dreams and goals -- for the new year. After all, today's acorn stash could turn into tomorrow's big, beautiful oak tree.

This mini-course will help you collect and map out your desires, values, ideas and goals so that you can see what wants to emerge in the New Year.  

What you'll walk away with

During this course, you will: 

  • Assess where you are now in every area of your life
  • Identify your core values
  • Create a map of your passions and interests
  • Brainstorm what your ideal life looks like
  • Identify 1-2 immediate goals
  • Learn steps for navigating transition and pushing through the status-quo
  • Learn how to maintain momentum moving forward 

What you'll learn: Day-by-Day Course Overview

The five days of exploration are broken down like so:

  • Day 1: Lay the Foundation: Set yourself up for success
  • Day 2: Create Your Compass: Identify your values
  • Day 3: Dream Big: Brainstorm and Life Map
  • Day 4: Beyond the Trapeze: Navigate through Transition
  • Day 5: Maintain Your Momentum: Make Sh*t Happen Crash Course

How you’ll learn: About the Format

Each day you’ll set aside ~30 minutes to:

  • Learn: through videos, audio, and reading material.
  • Reflect + Plan: each day will have 1-2 coaching exercises for you to reflect on, that will move you forward in a meaningful way. 
  • Take Action: weekly assignments to take concrete “real world” action around getting organized and making progress.
  • Discuss: optional questions to reflect on weekly with your accountability partner/s (whether they are in the course or not)
  • Additional Resources: lists of books, articles, courses and videos that didn’t make the cut to be in the course but that can help you extend the material even further.
  • Continue: ongoing support and community through the Life After College Facebook page.

After the course: What Happens Next

Big changes don't manifest all at once -- even though, sometimes, we wish they would just hurry up and happen! This course will help you define the life you want and identify a set of exciting next steps, then sign-up for the Make Sh*t Happen early notification list to join the 10-week goal crushing program in January!