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Patti Digh

Patti is the published author of eight books focused on global leadership, global diversity, inclusion, living mindfully, and creating intentionally. She speaks widely on those topics, and consults to corporations, communities, and educational institutions.

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About this course

You have a change you want to make in your life. 

You either know what that change is, or you don't, but feel something new and different is needed. 

Perhaps you're in a pattern or rut that feels inescapable. Maybe you just need more excitement in your life, and less drama.

In comes Leap year. Every four years. 

It's a time to leap, to jump, to spread your wings and fly.  Life sometimes change calls for a revolution, a leap. It's the difference between first order change and second order change (we'll explore that difference in this class so you are clear about it).

In this 10-day intensively short course, we'll name our Leaps, explore the patterns we need to change to make our Leap, learn about change itself, and set ourselves up for success, not failure. Excuses will be transformed into fuel for change, rather than remain reasons why not.

Four years ago on Leap Year, I took trapeze lessons, faced my fear of heights, and leapt from a tall platform, despite my shaking knees. We'll use the lessons from that actual leap in this journey - for example, once you climb the stairs to do trapeze, there's only one way down--the leap. You can't go back down the stairs. Commit or go, there is no try.

Using metaphors from trapeze along with real-life scenarios from your own life, this course will prepare you for the Leap you want to make. Don't know what that Leap is, but feel some kind of change is needed? We'll help you hone in on that, too. 

This is going to be rambunctious fun--and full of great meaning, too. You are going to commit to your life in a way you haven't before. Come Leap with Us.

Taught by Author Patti Digh and her husband, John Ptak.

You'll receive:

  • Prompts for 10 days in our online classroom to help you identify and plan your Leap (Feb 20-29)
  • A private online learning space for safe, constructive, dialogue
  • A private Facebook group
  • Patti and John will be active each day in the classroom and Facebook group for individual coaching and Q&A
  • A private online Leap Year Party on February 29th from 8-9pm Eastern, with prizes for the biggest leap, the leap farthest from North Carolina, the leap with the biggest heart, and much more!
  • Follow-up prompts in our online classroom at day 17, 24, and 31, as you continue your leap. 
  • 37 person minimum. If we don't reach that number, your fee will be returned.

Price: $29 (get it? 29 days in February = Leap Year.  Ah, synchronicity.)