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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want to see you come out of your shell! All of those ideas in your head....I'm here to give you the tools, one by one, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you one your schedule. I want you to feel safe to create as you grow into your confidence in a playful, exploring, deep way to know what fashion students are learning in my classes for 20 years now at the best fashion schools, but without the debt and pressure. This is where you can get empowered in a place where you are in the driver's seat, and what you feel, think, know and are curious about matters as you develop your unique style and voice to share with the world....or even just for yourself. I want you to never be afraid of a blank piece of paper again....... xoxo Laura

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About this course

Finally, an on-going place and time for support, community, weekly lessons, inspirations and Q and A with Laura

(scroll to page bottom for two free drawing videos)

Spaces are limited for weekly Fashion sketch group, if you are seeing this page then there is still an opening.

Each week I’ll prepare a brief talk or demonstration about a topic of fashion illustration, fashion design,

fashion sketching, portfolio, fashion drawing, fashion fabrics……..

model drawing, creative process, drawing skills…..

art supplies for fashion art (analog and basic digital for ipad, android, tablet or phone and apps)….

fashion design books, illustrators, etc……..

The topics are designed to inspire conversation and questions

We’ll grow and expand our skills, vision, and connection to our creative process!

Plan to come to fashion sketch group and use the time for your private sketching time commitment to yourself,

and dive into the material or conversations as much or as little as you wish!

You are perfectly welcome to just come and sketch, or to jump in with questions or share.


I think you’ll be amazed how much it helps to share your work, and feel the sense of community support and direct mentorship from Laura that you’ll get in this affordable container that I’m offering .
You can cancel any time ( no refunds) and will be billed monthly $111

Classes run weekly at Wednesdays 2-4pm EST via Zoom and you’ll receive an email with your zoom link.

I can’t wait to meet you and bring together a unique group of souls to dive into the endlessly inspiring, never-ever-boring world of fashion art and design together!



ps keep scrolling below for more information about me and the sketch group… AND TWO TUTORIAL VIDEOS!.

Fashion sketch  group promises you a continuous momentum in the work and play of your drawing practice.
Joining Fashion sketch group means that you’ll be a member of a tight knit circle of peers who support and inspire each other.

You’ll start to notice that your questions and sharing help others and vice versa!

Each week, you’ll get exposed to new topics related to fashion drawing, fashion art and fashion illustration: 

clothed and leotard curated styles and poses ( I hand -pick every image and pose for a reason!) , lively jazz and world music, and comeraderie--that stimulate and affirm your creative process (how great is that)?  You'll be actively practicing and exploring every single week, and IF YOU WANT feedback or guidance, we are there for you!

Meeting weekly and investing means that you are sure to dedicate time to your personal/ professional creative  development every week, and feel continuity in your growth!

The size of Fashion Sketch Group is limited to 15 members which means you can have your questions addressed and influence the kinds of topics we explore together weekly.

Don’t forget you can also study in my structured online fashion design courses and fashion illustration programs listed in the menu on my homepage, free articles here on the website (subscribe for a bundle of creative resources!)

We’re all about fashion design, fashion illustration, model drawing, gouache art supplies, and apps for digital fashion illustration.!

THE TRIBE is : creatives driven by their hearts to hone their own unique voices. STYLED BY TRUTH and heart!

Teaching, celebrating and supporting the fashion arts process is my joy.

I know very well what kinds of doubts and detours can try to derail you while pursuing your dreams and developing your confidence.

I KNOW HOW TO GENTLY NUDGE YOU BACK ON TRACK AGAIN AND AGAIN and not lose sight of why you got here in the first place!

I’ve been teaching fashion design since 1997 at Parsons School of Design, and working freelance in the NYC fashion industry from childrenswear to womenswear, juniors and plus size, swimwear beachwear to outerwear, leather, sweaters, and Menswear. From Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy to Blue Fish, Go Target, Rocawear, Burlington and Chico’s, to QVC, CKJeans, Carters, London Fog and the Limited, to custom bridal , jewelry, accessories and more.

Online teaching? I created Parsons School of Design’s very first online fashion studio course in 2008 while on the Full Time Fashion Design Faculty (before my youngest daughter was born and I started to reduce my schedule)

I’ve worked and taughtsamplemaking, patternmaking, draping, sewing,illustration, flat sketching, technical design and fittings, to teaching Portfolio to Parsons Graduates going out into the business. Proenza Schouler, Tanya Taylor,Fernanda Yamamoto, are just a few of the well-known fashion designers who have been my students

I also have an active course on, and author of the Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles every FAshion Designer should Know.

Let’s do this!

welcome to Fashion Sketch Group.

As soon as you enroll via paypal links above, you’ll receive your enrollment links and info via email within 24 hours.

Make sure to indicate which email adress you want to receive your info at.

See you soon!



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Let’s take a peek into tips for drawing legs, feet and shoes!
Fashion Sketch Group taster….. model drawing !