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Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline is a certified professional coach, best-selling author, media personality, and keynote speaker that strives to help you expertly set, pursue, and achieve the goals that will electrify your life.

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About this course

Every year you make and break your New Year's resolutions. Let's make this year different.

No more setting meaningless goals.

No more aimless New Year's resolutions.

This year, let's take some time to explore our purpose and strengths so that we can better set goals that are inline with who we are.

More Science, Less Magic

You've heard a thousand different experts peddling their ideas on how to achieve your dreams. Problem is: you're still struggling.


It's not you that's lacking, it's them. Their ideas are lacking. They're grounded in magical thinking that always leaves you short of both your goals and your money.

My process is rooted in science -- grounded in proven techniques from the world of Positive Psychology that not only help you set the right goals, but how you can achieve those goals.

Even better yet, this introductory course is free.

Join me on an incredible 5-day journey of self-discovery as we take an evidence-based approach to setting goals that will transform your life and set you on the path to an amazing 2013. 

And if you enjoy this journey, I have an even more powerful, more engaging experience lined up for you that explores these and other related concepts around goal-setting, authentic happiness, creating meaning and developing the mindset of success.