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Tracey Shadley

I have over two decades of experience in Organizing and Closet Design. I was trained by California Closets and worked for them for 18 years before going out on my own and starting my full service Organizing company Organize A-Z. I have experience organizing everything from space (closets, garages, pantries etc) to time, paperwork, events etc. I am very excited to share my years of tricks and knowledge with you!.

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About this course


All great ideas should be simple at heart, which is why my online course is the only way you can learn this uniquely lucrative, in-demand skill online. 

Here’s how it works: 


-    M - Measure so you know exactly what you’re working with

-    A - Analyze to fully understand and asses the wardrobe

-    G - Gauge the minimum required space to provide a starting point

-    I - Introduce Placement and start to bring your stunning new design together 

-    C - Create the final design and show it to yet another one of your happy customers 

  These 5 powerful steps are all it takes to master an approach that’s already enabled creative people just like you to expand their businesses with ease.