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Claudette Chenevert

I love working with stepmoms and helping them find their place in the family. I'm also all about creating strong and healthy relationships by sharing effective communication and conflict management tools. To find out more about Claudette, go to

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About this course

Great stepparenting skills can be learned. In fact, over the next 6 days we'll be discussing exactly how to hone your natural abilities and shape them into effective stepparenting skills.

If you will spend just 5-7 minutes with me for each of these self-study modules, I promise they will dramatically affect your abilities as a stepparent. You will learn about yourself, about the act of leadership as a stepparent, and about how to influence others in a positive way.

During this 6 module online program, we're going to explore:

  1. Module ONE: How to create clear values that make for clear stepparenting
    1. The core values you bring as a stepparent
    2. Four reasons why identifying your core values as a stepparent is so important
    3. Defining your core values
  2. Module TWO: The Convictions that Drive Your Stepparenting Style
    1. The difference between values and convictions
    2. Uncover and understand your convictions
    3. Stepparenting in Action
  3. Module THREE: You as a Stepparent in Everyday Life
    1. Your leadership style
    2. Looking at specific situations
    3. When others led you
  4. Module FOUR: Stepparenting Mastery: Positive Stepparent Qualities
    1. Great stepparents are made, not born
  5. Module FIVE: Stepparent Shadows: Behaviors That Lead to Frequent Stepparenting Failure
    1. Getting past poor stepparenting skills
    2. 4 steps to undo stepparenting blunders
    3. Questions that will move you past failures
  6. Module SIX: Stepparent Role Models
    1. 4 steps to finding and learning from role models
    2. Next steps.