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Anne Brannen/Pandora O’Mallory

Professor of medieval literature turned podcaster (True Crime Medieval). Reclaiming/Feri practitioner. Poet. Devotee of Aventure.

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About this course


Elements: A Year of Aventure

(Aventure: The Medieval Art of Connecting to the Otherworld)

Spring 2016

Drawing pentacles! Talking to deities! Magic circles! Building altars!

This class is appropriate for you if

  • Reading about the Craft is no longer enough; you want a seasoned practicioner to guide you in a systematic study of witchcraft (specifically, in the Reclaiming/Feri tradition)
  • You’d like guidance in learning how to do such things as cast a circle, create trances, and craft spells
  • You want to deepen your spiritual practice, and
  • You sense large changes coming this year, and want to negotiate them with ceremony and ritual

No prerequisites. 

The price for this class — three months of weekly instruction online, with discussions with the instructor, private guidance as needed, downloadable guided meditations, Facebook interaction with other students as you choose, and a bonus private session with me, is $75.  Click here to sign up for the class. If you have not signed up for a ruzuku class before, you will need to register; that will not cost you anything.  (Free bonus! Your instructor reads medieval poetry to you!) 

 I keep a percentage of my work available at sliding scale.  If you need this option, please email me at

Begin a walk through the wheel of the year, noticing Aventures and taking them when appropriate, all while learning the basics of the Craft.  An Aventure, in the medieval sense, isn’t something you can go looking for.  It’s not the same thing as an “adventure,” though that is what the word became, later.  An Aventure appears from out of another world.  An Aventure comes by, and if you notice it, you can take it, and then it will change your life.  And though a large Aventure inevitably requires courage and energy, it will be, at the least, an  interesting opportunity to grow and change.   (For more on the concept of Aventure, click here.)

This session of the wheel runs from March 20, 2016, to May 1, 2016, including weekly online classes that you may work through on your own time, and an individual session with the instructor, which you will schedule at your own convenience, as well as access to the Facebook page for the course, where you will be able to interact with fellow students at both beginning and advanced levels.

An excellent course for beginners in the Craft, the session will include practice in working with the elements, casting a circle, practicing the Triple Soul Alignment, paying attention to the solar calendar and the rhythms of the moon, and, of course, noticing and evaluating Aventures.  You will be able to retake the beginners session as many times as you like, or move on to more advanced levels.  (If you would rather take the next class, the Iron Pentacle, click here, for the sales page for that class.)  

About Your Guide

Anne Brannen has been a lifelong devotee of Aventure, long before she knew the name for it. A flyer fell out of a gym locker she opened, and led her to classes that changed her life. A chance conversation sent her to a program that gave her new skills and a new business. An unexpected offer came in the mail right after she said she intended to change her life, and she resigned a tenured position as a professor (a job she loved) in order to start a new life. If you’re interested in learning how to live by Aventure, she’s been there, she loves it, and she can help.  She has a doctorate in medieval literature and taught as a professor for more than 20 years, she’s worked for more than 30 years in the Reclaiming branch of the Feri tradition, she’s certified as a Professional Coach, and she writes.