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Mindy Lacefield

Hi! My name is Mindy and I am inspired and paint from the nostalgia of my childhood. Channeling my inner 8 year old. Painting my dreams into reality. I teach. I learn. I play. I make mistakes. I celebrate those mistakes because they become happy, magical moments from the Divine.

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About this course

It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to paint like a child - Picasso

It is so true. Children are true artists in every sense of the word. They don't question themselves and have such a raw quality to how they create. To get back to that place of creating like a child is my ultimate goal as an artist. I believe through working in a journal, the walls are a bit broken down. I feel more at ease with playing and not worrying about the outcome. If I find myself getting to tight, I reach for my favorite tool!! (more about this in class!) 

I will be your guide through this childlike play and give you some tools....literal and figurative to achieve a looseness and rawness just as kids do. I still struggle with staying loose, but it is where I want to be. I don't think there is any right or wrong way to create art or journal. It is about bringing a child-like mind to the table and playing for the sake of playing. It's about getting quiet and listening to what we need to journal about. It is healing for us. We don't have to carry around all that makes up our past....or present for that matter. We can come to the page and release what is there....whether it be negative or positive. To release is to give life to the positive and bury the negative. That is the beauty of art. It fixes. It saves. It is my realm of sanity.

 It is my continuing effort to stay child-like and with a beginners spirit in my art making. As adults, we practice and hone our skills to get our art making to a level where we are satisfied. What if we unlearned everything for a bit. But how? How do we let go and just allow what is coming through us and release it without judgement? I know I am a work in progress and hopefully always will be! I love this idea of letting loose and creating from the heart of our 8 year old selves. My 8 year old self is actually more confident...more in tune with spirit....and less stressed.

My hope for you....and to harness the power of our child-selves and play....and forgive...and celebrate the looseness of creativity.

Please have your children join in on the fun as well. They will surely inspire. And if not, join in and give yourself permission to just play and be.

I'll give you lots of ideas and prompts to carry you through this journaling escape. Come with a child-like beginners mind and let's PLAY!!


  • Class begins June 6, 2016 (self study after that date. sign up anytime)
  • Early Registration $35 now through May 16th.
  • Regular registration $49 starts May 17th.
  • 5 full projects (including 4 journal spreads and the cover)
  • new techniques and happy accidents
  • check out teaser video here:
  • lifetime access (as long as I have this platform)
  • projects will post mondays, wednesdays, and fridays.
  • hashtag sharing on instagram (no FB group)

Paint free and uninhibited!