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Dr. Geri Puleo

Dr. Geri Puleo, SPHR, is the President and CEO of Change Management Solutions, Inc., an eLearning and Coaching company focused on eradicating workplace burnout through the B-DOC Model. An entrepreneur for over 25 years, keynote speaker, author, blogger, career coach, university professor, and researcher, you can see her “in action” by watching her TEDx Talk on YouTube at To contact Dr. Puleo, please go to

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About this course

Dream stealers are defined as anyone who makes YOU believe that you cannot achieve your goals and dreams.  But why do we associate with them – and how do they sabotage others’ success? 

The biggest challenge with dream stealers is that they are usually people whom we love, trust, and respect.  Even though they might be well meaning, the effect is that their words and actions cause us to doubt our ability to succeed. 

In this 3-lesson mini-course, you will: 

  • Learn how to spot dream stealers
  • Understand why they might be stealing your dreams
  • Develop strategies to let go and go forward toward success

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