Dr. James Finley offers a 4-part video course on the foundations of a contemplative lifestyle. Throughout the course, he answers questions like: What is a contemplative Christian? How can we live in God's infinite Love? How does an "ordinary" person walk in the mystical every day? How can we move deeper in mystical non dual consciousness? With depth of insight, he offers a look into the all-encompassing Love of the universe.

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About this Course

You don't have to be a monk or mystic to live a contemplative life. So what is a contemplative Christian? And does one live in the mystical dimensions of life even in the modern world? Dr. James Finley offers 4 profound videos on tapping into the Love of the universe that allows us to be completely vulnerable, to find the beauty in every small aspect of the world, and living in inner awareness. He deepens our understanding of the mystic life inside of us all. Living contemplatively will change you inside and out.

Course includes 4 videos and a downloadable workbook with study prompts and weekly spiritual activities. 

Week One:
Video: Contemplative Living in the Context of Daily Life
Workbook activities

Week Two:
Video: Religious Consciousness as a Way to Contemplative Living
Workbook activities

Week Three:
Video: How Ordinary Consciousness Through Faith Gravitates Towards Mystical Consciousness
Workbook activities

Week Four:
Video: How Deepening in the Mystical Grounds Us in the Divinity of Ordinary Experience
Workbook activities