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Web Pioneer Aliza Sherman has a mission to spread sensible, practical, and manageable ideas for using technology for our work and our lives. Sensibly Tech is part of that mission - online courses, learning materials and services to help you get the most out of technology.aliza sherman

This self-guided, on-demand course will take you through 10 distinct ways you can improve what you're doing on your Facebook Page for marketing your business. Only $37!

Each step gives you concrete steps and actions you can take to transform your Facebook Page from stagnant to vibrant and more effective, helping you engage with your audience and reach your goals.

Take this course today, and see positive results in a week. This course is just $37 for content that you can follow and keep after you're through! Watch the video below to learn more...

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Sensibly Tech offers easy-to-follow, self-guided online courses with sensible, practical, and manageable tips and tactics for getting the most out of technology and social media. 

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