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About this Course

A 6-hour workshop exploring the beautiful dynamics of spiral movement within the body and how our teaching might be taken to a new level with the spiral at its heart.

Guiding Premise:

By understanding and promoting the body’s small (subtle or micro movements) and large (gross or macro movements) spirals we can more effectively promote whole-body function and balanced integration of healthy movement patterns.

We will look at how understanding the spirals of the body, of movement, both in the soft tissue and the bones, is about smoothing out the edges, providing an opportunity for flow and seamlessness as well as promoting the wholeness of the body. Joseph Pilates’ ultimate objective was Uniform Development. Developing the body uniformly demands as much harmony within the system as possible. Understanding and using the spirals makes this much more possible and exponentially more functional.

Our beginning and end point will be to assess and reassess the body from its most primal perspective via walking and squatting. Every tool you’ll learn in this course will strive to improve these two movements using Pilates and other methods.

Primary Goals:

  1. To articulate and integrate new information about fascia, fascial oriented training, contractile fields and other emerging models of how the body moves as a whole into our current knowledge of the body and the Pilates Method so that our work can take on an even more profound role in healing and empowering people.

  2. To discover ways to apply emerging models to our current practice via shifting perspective on familiar tools and acquiring new tools.

  3. To improve functional movement and whole-body integration via the spiral.


  1. Improved spiral mechanics at pivotal joints will improve the overall uniform development and functional patterns of the whole system.

  2. Optimizing the spiral both on a micro and macro level will improve communication via all the tissue systems.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand crucial functional spirals of the body both in the tissue and in the bones via:

    • Bony rhythms of major joints:

      • Feet and ankles

      • Knees and hips

      • Pelvis/sacrum and lumbar spine

      • Thoracic spine and rib cage

      • Shoulder girdle and neck

    • Contractile fields and fascial lines of force

    • Muscular slings of support

  1. Understand how health in each of the areas listed above can affect positive change in common movement and alignment patterns.

    • Explore common postural patterns and how improving spirals can improve functional movement like gait and squatting.

  2. Identify Pilates exercises that are most useful in restoring the spirals to promote overall system health, Uniform Development, efficiency, and adaptability.