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Liz Butler

Liz Butler has been a Nutritional Therapist for over 17 years and has specialised in cancer support throughout that time. She worked for a number of leading UK cancer charities before founding Body Soul Nutrition; an organisation that provides diet and lifestyle support to those with cancer. Liz has lectured on nutrition and cancer at several colleges and contributed to scientific papers and books on the same subject.

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About this Course

This 8-week programme will give you:

  • Insights into the healing power of nutrition, detoxification, movement, relaxation, energy rebalancing and emotional exploration
  • A set of practical tools allowing you to implement positive lifestyle changes in order to optimise healing and maximise treatment effects
  • An appreciation of your body's wisdom and techniques that will allow you to use this inherent intelligence to guide your recovery
  • The confidence to take charge and become the director of your unique journey of recovery and healing
  • A sense of wellbeing and calm as you realise the abundant resources and options that are available to you

What’s included?

  • 8 X 90 minute video presentations (12 hours in total)
  • Educational materials providing theory and practical tips
  • Bonus videos and articles
  • Home practices to deepen learning between presentations
  • Membership to online discussion group for expert and peer support
  • Access to programme updates on an ongoing basis