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Mark Comon

Fearless Leader - As a Certified Photographic Counselor, photo instructor and photographic artist, Mark Comon has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to solve any of your photographic problems or questions. But what he loves best is to inspire you. Since 1988, Mark has worked side by side with thousands of students through his classes, adventures and workshops. A dynamic lecturer and instructor, Mark has entertained and educated audiences from first-time snap-shooters to hobbyists to professionals.

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About this Course

Do you know where a photograph you took five years ago is now? Can you pull it up on your computer in three minutes? If your computer went down are your pictures lost forever? If you did back them up, how long would it take you to have everything up and running again? Organizing Digital Photos is an easy step by step guide to the proper downloading and organizing workflow. In this course you'll learn to download and copy photos, build folders, rename files, use ratings and keywords for identification, and back up photos. Having an organized way of managing your photos is a must for every photographer!

 10 Essential Steps for Getting Organized 
10 Assignment to get your going with your own photographs.

Estimated Time for Completion: 2 Hours
Your Access Duration: 14 Days from Purchase Date

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