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Knowing. Awakening. Peace. Contemplative Journal is an online educational magazine whose goal is to empower people on the meditative path. We believe that those embarking on the journey of knowing themselves will awaken to the Love that encompasses the universe and find the healing of inner peace. Our articles, classes, and retreat listings are dedicated to helping people navigate all areas of their lives through the power of transformational spiritual practice. Visit us at

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About this course

In this three-part video series, renowned spiritual writer and psychotherapist Thomas Moore will delve into the basics of soul-centered contemplation.

*Part I- Soulful Contemplation: The Basics – It’s important to tap into the soul when practicing the contemplative life, and Moore will explore the basics of the soul in video one.

*Part II – Practicing Dream & Art - A practice of dream work can help one reach the level of depth needed for a soul-oriented contemplative life. Closely related are the images of art. Moore will unpack these concepts in his second video.

*Part III - A Contemplative Way of Life - Contemplative practices are one thing, but a seriously contemplative way of life is another. Moore breaks down tangible, everyday contemplative practices to deepen one’s soulful life.

Extra Perks:

* A downloadable workbook will accompany the video series.

* Moore will personally answer your questions via email FOR ONE WEEK after initial launch of the video series.