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Joyce Kang

Welcome! I am extremely honored that you are here to learn film photography from me! Please do not hesitate to ask questions or let me know your thoughts throughout this workshop! I will do my very best to be as available to you as I possibly can for the next 5 weeks. If you posted a question and didn't get answered right away, please do not hesitate to contact me through email!

Questions? Comments? Email me!

About this Course

Embrace the Grain is a detailed and thorough course taught in an interactive private workshop platform, Ruzuku, where you will be learning along-side other students.  The class material is aimed to teach you the complete knowledge of shooting film without all the "fluff" and "fillers" so you can handle every situation with ease and to create beautiful imagery with YOUR own vision and in YOUR own style.  

  • learning at the comfort of your own home or office
  • is an instructor led and self paced workshop without the extra travel expenses
  • accommodates to your busy schedule
  • is designed to fit all learning styles
  • is delivered in smaller pieces each day so it’s easy to keep up and promote deeper comprehension
  • includes bonus features, discussions and special videos are presented to encourage learning and to inspire creativity
  • has weekly assignment to promote active and hands-on learning, and to apply what was presented in the lecture material to “real life” scenarios so you are able to to think critically before each shot
  • includes weekly Live broadcast Q&A hour so you can watch live demonstrations and submit your questions to be answered in real-time by the instructor, the TA and the special guest
  •  a detailed constructive critique is given to each assignment posted in the workshop forum to review all of the material presented

As a workshop instructor, my goal is targeted to strengthen YOUR creativity with a wealth of insight and range of tools to enable you to consistently produce beautiful film imagery that you love. I will work with you and explain everything so that YOU will understand.  No rock is left unturned here!  Heather, my TA, and I monitor the forum board simultaneously so the answers to your questions are always just minutes away.  At the end of the five weeks, you will walk away with a rock solid foundation and understanding of film photography to enable you to consistently produce beautiful film imagery that you love!

Embrace the Grain is not just a 5 week online interactive intro to film photography course for the digital photographers. It is a community.  It is a family of photographers who love to learn, share and cheer each other before, during and after the workshop.