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Nellie Wortman

I believe that we all have a story to tell and everywhere we go we leave evidence of this and it through my pieces of art, that I share my stories. I love working with old, tattered, vintage and recycled items and incorporate them into my pieces of art and give them a new breathe of life.

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About this course

I will show you how to create a fabric book that has a lusciousness  feel to it, that will cause others to want hold and cherish it.  I will show you, that by taking pieces of fabrics, embellishments and paper, you will create a one of a kind book, that will have others wanting to investigate it further. 


I will discuss how to look at fabrics in a whole new way.  How to incorporate everyday pieces and give them a new twist. 

In this class, I will show you how to enhance your pages with inks, paper and paints. 

I will also discuss and show you how to make fabric pages versus using paper in your books. I will walk you through the steps of sewing your signatures to your book.  I will show you how to incorporate fabric images into your book.

Regardless as to how you choose to use your book, this is a book that will have others viewing it as a piece of art for years to come.