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Roz Stendahl

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and book artist. I've kept visual and written journals my entire life. For over 30 years I have taught visual arts and bookbinding—sharing what is a key tool in my creative life.

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About this course

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and book artist. I've been teaching book arts and drawing for almost 30 years. Since 2011 I've been teaching popular online classes in book arts and drawing for Strathmore Artist Papers, Sketchbook Skool, and Roz Wound Up LLC.

By Design: The Intentional Page
Why Create This Class?

Students often ask me what steps they can take to immediately create more dynamic and visually interesting pages in their visual journals or printed pieces. They also want to know how to pull art out of their journals and use that art to create engaging printed projects. So 15 years ago I created a one-day workshop called By Design: The Intentional Page.  Over the intervening years I have taught this class at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts to artists of all skill levels.

I'm pleased to announce that I can now offer this workshop online.

This self-guided class includes over 7 hours of video demos and instruction, which are packed full of examples from my work to help you grasp concepts immediately. I provide exercises and projects to help you hone your skills, and encourage you to experiment and explore the visual possibilities of the page.

In this class you’ll learn a vocabulary for understanding the printed page as well as the hand drawn page, and discover how the two inform each other. You’ll be introduced to the book structure and its component parts so that you can better understand not only how to manage those parts in print projects but also know how to deal with similar design elements in the handcrafted page.

Who Might Benefit from This Class?

1. People interested in improving the page layout in their visual journals.

2. People making one-of-a-kind artist’s books.

3. People anxious to bring their art out of their journal into printed projects such as printed journal facsimiles.

In fact anyone interested in the visual aspects of the page will enjoy benefits from this class. People of all artistic skill levels have taken my in-person workshop and all skill levels are welcome in the online version of this class. The concepts in this class will help you work with your art and book projects regardless of skill level.

Special Features

Included in this class are two detailed segments from my popular 2011 Strathmore Visual Journaling class. These lessons cover composition and collage techniques that are essential for any book artist. These lessons are not available anywhere else.

Additionally there will an occasional live webinar which will be taped and become a permanent part of the class resources. These live webinars will be announced through the in-class notification system. 

Class Structure

This is a self-guided class containing over 30 lessons that can be watched at your own pace. You can share your experiments with the class in a student gallery. 

Roz checks the classroom periodically for questions.


No special supplies are necessary for this class. You can work with supplies you already have to do all the exercises. I recommend that you keep a notebook for your notes, thumbnails sketches, and experiments.  

Should you decide to work on a print project you don’t even need expensive design layout software—you simply need access to a photocopier.

Duration and Access to the Class

Students will have access until December 31, 2021. (Class access may be extended past that time depending on other class registrations.)

Rewatch the videos and review the projects over and over at your own pace to deepen your understanding and your ability to implement the concepts in your work.  

Why I'm Excited To Teach "By Design" Online

Design fundamentals are crucial for anyone working in a visual art form. Knowing the rules of design will help you make informed choices and also allow you to trust yourself to break the rules to bring your pages alive.

I’ve been passionate about books my entire life. I would like to share that passion with you to help you improve your visual journal and open the world of print to you.

Let’s do this.

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Cost: US$ 39.99