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Knowing. Awakening. Peace. Contemplative Journal is an online educational magazine whose goal is to empower people on the meditative path. We believe that those embarking on the journey of knowing themselves will awaken to the Love that encompasses the universe and find the healing of inner peace. Our articles, classes, and retreat listings are dedicated to helping people navigate all areas of their lives through the power of transformational spiritual practice. Visit us at

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About this Course

Memoirists and spiritual seekers are both interested on the question of identity, origin, and self. In the online course "Writing to Awaken", Mark Matousek, a talented writer as well as a spiritual seeker, gives you tools that are valid for both your spiritual inquiry and your writing journey.

As the title suggests, this course’s emphasis is on your own writing to help you awaken. A teaching video will accompany each week, but the emphasis is on the workbook and writing prompts that for students to truly delve into their own stories.

You will be amazed at the revelations and connections you find out about your story, your fears, and your desires over the next month. Freedom is possible, and the more you write, the more you can work towards freedom.

Week One

Video: Who Am I?
Writing Activities

Week Two

Video: The Landscape of Desire
Writing Activities

Week Three

Video: Awakening Genius
Writing Activities

Week Four

Video: The Fear of Freedom
Writing Activities