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Erich Hunter Ph.D.

Dr. Hunter has studied and practiced many spiritual/energy healing modalities. Eventually, he discovered pendulum healing and found that using the pendulum was a much more effective and fun way for him to carry out his healing work. Over time he has developed his own methods and theoretical foundation for pendulum healing, and now he teaches others his innovative methods and approach.

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About this Course

In this class we will go over the Science & Healing of the UFO abduction and contact phenomenon.

If you are a healer you will eventually help people who have experienced UFO abduction and related events.  

If you don't understand this topic, you may not be able to effectively help them.

This class will teach you how to help abductees, so that they can begin the process of healing, and avoid future negative abduction events.

Also, this class will give you guidelines for how to safely contact friendly ETs and resources to learn more about the positive aspects of ET contact.

This will all be done within the context of modern scientific discoveries about this topic.

If you are interested in learning about the UFO phenomenon, and want to learn a healing method that provides a grounded, effective, and compassionate approach to this fascinating topic. This is the course for you.