Soul Path Way is a practical manual for soulful living. It is your invitation to uncover your true nature, develop intentions that align with your heart's desires, and gently release barriers so that you can live an authentic life. With this supportive, (free!) bonus material, you can be guided through Reflections--meditation mp3s, journaling exercises and so much more--benefiting from each chapter's lessons in logical order or skipping around to relevant activities easily.

Your Guide

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Kay Taylor

Kay is a visionary guide and evolutionary astrologer, integrating intuition, psychosynthesis, yoga and spiritual healing for over 30 years.

About this Course

Soul Path Way - A Personal Journey walks you through each chapter's Reflection section so that you can:

• download meditation and guided visualization mp3's 

•  be reminded of each journaling exercise 

• reflect on actions to take in alignment with your unique path 

• mark each activity or chapter as complete 

• find meditations easily