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Stephanie Pedersen

I am a nutritionist, cookbook author, health writer and foodie who loves people.

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About this Course

Triple Threat Weight Loss

Created by a Nutritionist—Approved by a Nutritionist.

3 menus for jump-starting weight loss! Learn how to succeed around eating and weight loss! Lose weight and learn how to keep losing weight anytime you want! Have fun and get your health and weight get back on track!

Begin as soon as you sign up! Or save the program to use later!

Jumpstart your weightloss, learn how to handle "days after" and continue to lose weight on your own timetable without damaging your metabolism, your health or your spirit.

With these 3 menus, you will…

  • begin shedding excess fat
  • confiidently handle food situations
  • experience ease around different foods
  • understand different weight challenges
  • eat to clear up your skin
  • lose the bloat
  • know how to eat to get into that little black dress
  • learn the secrets of controlling cravings
  • immediate reset your eating habits after "falling off the wagon"
  • eradicate those extra pounds (that you still haven't lost)
  • get 3 eating plans you'll use forever
  • experience healthy whole food eating
  • make friends with food
  • discover eating strategies
  • regulate your eating
  • rev up your metabolism
  • learn how to eat for continued weightloss
  • kickstart your health in a massive way
  • get comfy with real food
  • discover go-to strategies for managing food

Hello Gorgeous!

Losing weight should be easy. You simply eat fewer calories than you eat now and wait for the pounds to drop away. Right? Wrong.

As you probably know all too well, weight loss doesn’t exactly work like that. It is fraught with doubt. Judgment. Frustration. Misinformation. Craziness. Severity. Hunger. And those dang cravings!

Then there is your own personal body’s way of doing things. Some people gain weight easily and hold on to it in the most fiercely protective way, not wanting to give up an ounce of the fat that could help them survive a potential famine.

Other people gain weight after a big body event—such as pregnancy, accident, surgery or a health condition—then realize that their old methods of weight loss are no longer working for their “new” changed body.

Then there is simple age. Which I personally think is a fabulous thing! How lucky are you to get to spend more time on this gorgeous planet, doing wonderful things? The thing about age, though, is it does things to a body. Literally. Your body becomes so much more particular. And what worked when you were young and less discriminating, will not work now. (Nope, the 500-calorie Dorito and Beer diet will not work with a 50-year-old. Even if you do limit yourself to just 500 calories worth of Doritos and beer! Suddenly, where those calories come from now matters!).

If you want a healthy model for sensible weight loss and you’re a true DIYer at heart, I want to share Triple Threat Weight Loss with you. This is for the DIYers among you who want to learn three different nutritionist-tested eating plans that you can use to face any weight-loss challenge, from daily healthy eating for weight loss, to those times when you want to kick things up a notch (or quickly fit into that little black dress), to those times you want to get back on track after a night, a day, a week or more of excess (yes, it specifically tackles what you may be experiencing, from increased cravings to bloat!). Plus, the education you need to use each correctly, so you lose weight instead of ruining your health. This is important!

Triple Threat Weight Loss is a DIY program based on my 3-Day Weight Blast. And it features menus/eating plans, shopping lists, recipes, lessons, audios, videos and lots of fun goodies for those of you who like extras. It is available now. It will only be on sale for one week. Buy it now and continue to use it for the rest of your life.

If you are frustrated by your current weight loss efforts, I want to say one thing to you: Everyone can experience a healthy-for-them weight. It takes just one thing: Good care.

Let me give you 3 plans to help you lose and maintain weight. Three plans (plus a ton of education) that will help you do some deep learning around how to treat yourself in order to lose weight, how to eat to stay healthy, with plenty of education around challenges such as cravings, getting back on the wagon after straying, what to do the day before a big food day, how to “wipe out” the negative after-effects of a “bad” food day, and so much more.

In short, you’ll receive healthy habits you can use your entire life to help yourself lose and maintain weight in a healthy, sane way.

Learn all this and you’ll be on your way to making 2014 the year that you stop hiding behind knits, multiple layers and self-loathing and start having the time of your life.

Yay, you!

Learn 3 menus to make this year different! I can’t wait to share the Triple Threat Weight Loss with you!

 This education is yours to use forever!

Register, log-in and get your shopping list. You can do this tomorrow or tonight.

Happy Weight Blasting!

Much love,
Stephanie Pedersen, MS, CHHC

P.S. This is a completely food-based program!