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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want to see you come out of your shell! All of those ideas in your head....I'm here to give you the tools, one by one, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you one your schedule. I want you to feel safe to create as you grow into your confidence in a playful, exploring, deep way to know what fashion students are learning in my classes for 20 years now at the best fashion schools, but without the debt and pressure. This is where you can get empowered in a place where you are in the driver's seat, and what you feel, think, know and are curious about matters as you develop your unique style and voice to share with the world....or even just for yourself. I want you to never be afraid of a blank piece of paper again....... xoxo Laura

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About this course

ABOUT FACES is a unique and multifaceted course to take you through the techniques and know-how to really express yourself through faces, hair, features, from various angles with proper proportions, shading, and loads of personal style evolution in the process! 

Faces are limitless in their capacity to express and tell a story. Hairstyles, jewelry, facial expressions, attitudes, makeup, the tilt of the head.....

but faces are one of the top complaints from my new fashion design and Illustration students, and I also can relate totally to their frustration.

FACES ARE A JOURNEY both within (building experience and confidence, developing an approach and style that becomes second nature) and WITHOUT: (how do we build a head, features, place the parts and bring them together harmoniously, by practicing and observing).

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ARE YOU TIRED OF STRUGGLING WITH FACES, heads, features, and yet so eager to experience the freedom,experience and confidence of expressing fashion, mood and creativity when drawing faces?

  Are you eager to change the way you look at things, try new tools and approaches, explore, discover, and express yourself in art  and fashion???

 Did you always think you “couldn’t draw” but knew that you wanted to?Would that bring you a n amazing sense of confidence and satisfaction? 

 Is it something you always dreamed of?Do you look at art or other creators and artists and feel a deep desire and knowing that you could bring incredible images to life if you had guidance and support?

That’s why I’ve created this course.. I only recently stumbled upon fashion illustration apps myself, 

so I can just imagine what you are feeling when you think about how to get started.(and if you 've never used an app before, you can still learn all three angles of the head and face in this course using a pencil!!)

We love the expression of fashion illustration, but if we create a sketch and we don't like the face, then ....we don't like the whole sketch!

This course is for beginners to advanced lovers of fashion and design.Let's find and bring out your voice and your skills in art and fashion.

The more you work with faces, the more you’ll want to work  with faces. It just gets deeper and more expressive all the time.

When you focus on faces in this course--

You'll find you get better and better and more comfortable, as the concepts settle into your mind and body, and the approach settles into your heart.

in these apps, you’ll explore markers, pencils, watercolors, textured and colored papers, chalks and crayons, colored pencils, acrylics, brush pens, paintbrushes, fineline pens, textures and more. ......


  • Let's focus on how to build:
  • nose
  • eyes
  • ears
  • mouth
  • hair
  • shading
  • line
  • lashes
  • highlights
  • textures
  • contours
  • proportions

so you can create impressionistic or realistic fashion illustrations.

GET THESE IPAD/ TABLET drawing techniques:

  • learn my 3 favorite digital painting apps ( I researched so many and tested them!!!) for fashion illustration
  • explore the tools and "language" that most apps have in common
  • learn the strengths and weaknesses of each app from experience so you can choose your favorite
  • get experienced in digital fashion illustration as well as in drawing faces.
  • discover your favorite tools and develop your style
  • access a totally portable, totally extensive pro art kit
  • markers, watercolors, acrylics, inks, airbrush, pencils, fineline pens , collage tools, and more!!
  • watermarking and branding
  • social sharing


  • on your schedule
  • pace yourself the way that feels right
  • Lifetime access


Let's use  the face as a vehicle to also explore some great simple yet elegant, w o n d e r f u l drawing apps that you can use right in your iPad, Android, tablet,  or iPad mini. They're cheap, elegant and versatile and I used them to create the images you see on this page..

Receive 4 content rich modules, each with an hour of video, demonstrations, and exercises- your signup gives you lifetime access to your course materials and community!