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Roxane Lessa

Roxane was a professional ballet dancer in her youth. Now she enjoys creating movement with color, line, and shapes, using textiles as her muse. She has exhibited her work in many group and solo shows abroad and in the US. Known as The Art Quilter's Coach, Roxane specializes in coaching quilters to master design so they can make their own amazing art quilts. Recently, the 3-D Textile Painting technique (copyright) was featured in Quilting Arts Mag. Dec/Jan 2014, and Quilting Arts TV, Series 1500. Roxane has been a BERNINA ambassador, and recently won a First Place Ribbon for her pictorial art quilt, Wisteria Wonder at the prestigious Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. She has also taught And lectured for 2 years at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Oh, and she still loves to dance!

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About this course

Are you always second guessing your choices while youΚΌre working on your art quilts?

Do you wish you could take the guess work out of designing your original art quilts?

 Do you need some accountability, structure, and helpful feedback to make this happen?

Are you looking for a supportive, fun community of like- minded artists?

If you're nodding your head yes to any of those questions, then check out this course

STARTS  September 5!

Design Your Dream Art Quilt.  An 8 week course to help you design and make the art quilt you've always wanted to make!

  • 8 weekly lessons, starting with an overview of the principles of design, so that your work is balanced, cohesive and exciting.
  • Step by step, clear  instructions in Downloadable PDF format so you don't feel lost, including pattern making, auditioning fabrics, choosing colors, constructing, and quilting suggestions.
  • Constructive feedback with critiques from me and the group in the Discussion area to keep you on track
  • A Live Video Coaching call for the whole group to discuss and improve your piece.
  • AND an individual coaching session with me- 30 mins. so we can focus in on your work.

What you will need:

All you will need is a few hours every week and a decent internet connection.  The lessons will be available every week, one at a time, AND after the course is over, you will still have access to all the materials online.  

Why this works: 

I will give you the nuts and bolts of design, so you can make your own amazing work, or improve the work you are already making.  Built into the course is the practice that makes perfect. Traditional quilters as well as art quilters can definitely benefit from this course. 

Whew!  That is a lot!  I'm basically teaching you most of what I have learned in the last 16 years of making art quilts.  That's  8 weeks of instruction, designed to give you the tools you need to make great art quilts! Not to mention a huge boost  in confidence!

So if you are ready to jump in, here's the link to enroll.



Because how much money and time have you spent on classes that have made little or no difference in your design ability?

Because if you keep doing the same things over and over, how can you expect a different result?

Because, what is it going to be worth to you to make the quilts of your dreams?

Because without the support and structure of this small group course, won't things just go on as usual?  We are all busy, but unless you make your art a priority, everyone else's agenda will take over.

Don't let that happen this time.  Don't let the inertia of waiting take over.



P.S.  I offer 100% money back guarantee if you do the work and are not completely happy, and I will still love you anyway!

P.P.S.  Payment plans available, 2 equal payments of $220- just ask!

P.P.S.  Not sure yet?  Try out a FREE lesson here