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Stephanie Pedersen

I am a nutritionist, cookbook author, health writer and foodie who loves people.

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About this Course

The 7-Day Superfood Cleanse

Created by a Nutritionist—Approved by a Nutritionist

  • reset your eating after a food-heavy winter and spring
  • shed excess fat
  • get rid of puffiness in your body and face
  • experience better sleep
  • improve your mood
  • massively clear up your skin
  • lose the bloat
  • enhance your intuition
  • reset your eating habits after months of excess
  • one week + prep and integration days means fast results
  • dump your body’s toxin load
  • sharpen your intellect
  • quicken your reflexes
  • regulate your eating
  • rev up your metabolism
  • get rid of toxin-related headaches
  • kickstart your health in a massive way
  • detox comfortably and conveniently using real food

Look and feel your best, almost immediately!
Massively uplevel your health in just 1 week!
Successfully get ready for your healthiest, most gorgeous holiday season yet!
Have fun, clean up, lose weight, get back on track!

Dear Gorgeous One,

Can I ask you a question?

Did you bound out of bed, excited for the chance at another glorious day?

Did you love what you saw in the mirror: Flawless, glowing, blemish-free complexion? Clear, bright, light-filled eyes? Well behaved hair and nails? A body free of dimples and blemishes and puffiness and pouchiness?

Did you have a great time choosing today’s outfit—knowing your clothes not only fit you, but flattered your assets and played up your good looks?

If this is just the kind of morning that you have every day, you can stop reading! This letter isn’t for you. (And I hope this is the kind of morning you have, because nothing—nothing—beats looking and feeling your best. It is an unbelievably powerful, intoxicating feeling. )

For the rest of you, keep reading.

If you’re like a lot of people, your morning has nothing to do with energy or attractiveness. Perhaps you drag yourself out of bed (after hitting the snooze button one too many times), craving a jolt of caffeine to wake you up in a way Mother Nature just can’t for you.

Looking in the mirror each day, you see undereye circles, puffiness around the eyes and throughout the face, dark splotches, clogged pores, dry patches, dandruff, dry unmanageable hair… and more.

Getting dressed is a nightmare—most things don’t fit and the few pieces that do, make you look heavy around the middle, or accentuate the thighs you despise.

I don’t need to go on because I know exactly how you are feeling—I’ve felt that way before, too. Sluggish, fatigued, puffy, blotchy, bumpy, misshapen, uncomfortable and plain unattractive.

Oh, I blamed the bumps and bulges on age. On having children. On not having time to exercise. On stress. But when it came down to it, they had nothing to do with any of these things.

When it came down to it, my lack of energy and looks came down to toxins. I was loaded with them!

Where did they come from? The same place where yours come from! The air, the water, the products you use on your body, the medication you take, the beer and wine and cocktails you enjoy to relax, caffeine you rely on to wake you up, the chemicalized food you scarf down because it’s easy, and the gluten and dairy and sugary foods you eat without thinking because hey, they’re what you grew up with. And it’s what everyone else eats.

I’ll let you in on a secret: Not only can you get rid of them, you should: Nothing else you do will jumpstart your health and make you feel (and look!) amazing like getting rid of the toxins that have built up in your body. And there is one great way to do that. It’s called a detox.

Specifically, The 7-Day Superfood Cleanse, a quick nutritionist-supported program designed to jumpstart your weight loss, put you on the road to better eating, and get you clean, powerful and healthy in 7 days.

The 7-Day Superfood Cleanse DIY Version is  allows you to party your way through physical transformation. I hope you’ll jump in! 

Much love,


P.S.   Maybe you've ined a bit of weight recently. You feel sluggish from too much sugar and alcohol. Your face is puffy and there are bags under your eyes. You’re slow and foggy, your skin doesn’t look good, your eyes are dull and you’re not sleeping well. And even worse than that, are the cravings! Yep, you want a double latte and a muffin. Right this instant!!!

Don’t despair. Taking on excess weight and puffiness  is a very common thing. After all, during the summer, most people ingest countless pounds of sugar, alcohol, additives and other not-so-perfect ingredients that continue to affect your mood, your energy levels, your waistline, your skin, your looks, and your health. It is what it is. So stop beating yourself up.

Instead, why not do something to change all this now, shall we? Let’s focus on the great things we can do for ourselves right this moment and get ourselves ready for the rest of this beautiful year in a big, fun way.

Let’s jump into life with full-force enthusiasm! Let’s take 7 days (plus bonus prep and integration days) right now to ditch the toxins, clean up our diet and our looks and feel energetic, lean and oh, so, sexy. Do that and you’ll be on your way to making this season the season that you stop hiding behind maxi skirts, long blouses, oversize sweaters and multiple layers and instead start having the time of your life.

Yay, you!

You are ready for a quick detox! Let me show you how a fast-yet-powerful detox can help you have the healthy body of your dreams.

Let’s take 7 days to make this year different!