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Sarah DeNome

Welcome and thank you for choosing this course. I am truly honored to be your guide. I am founder of Esteem Builders and DeNome Alliances Counseling Center. I am a Licensed Therapist and my passion in life is helping people love who they are unconditionally and live their best life. We only get one shot at this journey called life so why not make it our best and learn to love the ride.

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About this course

Thank you for letting me be your guide as you take 10 steps to Becoming the Best YOU!
I am looking forward to our time together and am happy to be your guide along the way. I am available for assistance through email, telephone, or Skype.
At the start of each week, you will learn a new skill to practice throughout the week. Each week brings you closer to becoming your best self. 
Stepping Stones at a Glance:
Day 1: Self-Assessment
Week 1: Who Am I? Establishing Your Identity
Week 2: Evaluating Your Identity
Week 3: Setting Your Goals
Week 4: Identify Barriers vs Excuses to Your Goals
Week 5: Increasing Your Awareness of Thoughts
Week 6: How to Replace Negative Thoughts 
Week 7: Overcoming Deeper Barriers
Week 8: Taking Action and Moving Forward
Week 9: How to Internalize Your Progress, Embracing The Best YOU