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Knowing. Awakening. Peace. Contemplative Journal is an online educational magazine whose goal is to empower people on the meditative path. We believe that those embarking on the journey of knowing themselves will awaken to the Love that encompasses the universe and find the healing of inner peace. Our articles, classes, and retreat listings are dedicated to helping people navigate all areas of their lives through the power of transformational spiritual practice. Visit us at

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About this Course


We’ve heard about mindfulness, but how do we reach beyond it to discover who we are?

In Stephan Bodian’s workshop, you’ll learn a more direct approach to spiritual awakening, as found in Zen and Tibetan Buddhism and Advaita.  In guided self-inquiry, you’ll learn how to turn your awareness back onto itself.  He will illuminate your path to enlightenment.

This course includes a workbook, video lessons, and audio meditations to enhance your awakening experience.

Your purchase grants you unlimited, on-demand access even after the class has ended. Purchase the course before Oct. 17 to receive access to live Q&A sessions with Stephan Bodian. 


Week 1: What is Spiritual Awakening?
Two video lessons and audio meditations.

Week 2: Why the Direct Approach?
Two video lessons and audio meditations.

Week 3: Mind Like the Sky
Two video lessons and audio meditations.

Week 4: Embodying Your Awakening
Two video lessons and audio meditations.


Workbook (.pdf), video lessons, guided audio meditations