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Hashimoto.Help is an evidence-based eHealth Services Provider for autoimmunity in general and Hashimoto in particular. All Hashimoto.Help ehealth services are based on a multidisciplinary approach: endocrinology, psychology, neuroscience, and immunology. They are complementary and can be used together with the existing medical protocols. They have an added value to the work of medical professionals, such as GP, endocrinologists, fertility clinics, psychotherapy, and psychiatry practices, those who most often meet the (subclinical) Hashimoto thyroiditis patients. We increase the quality of life of (Subclinical) Hashimoto’s. We are on our way to building a worldwide movement, to inform, guide & empower (subclinical) Hashimoto’s based on the latest scientific findings.

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About this course


* This program brings together a wealth of  up-to-date scientific information,  insights, practices,  and  reflections to help people navigate through various difficulties they may have at work. In addition it provides an excellent platform for self-development and self-help.

Professor Paul Gilbert, PhD., the founder of Compassion Focused Therapy, Compassionate mind training and author of many books such as ‘The Compassionate Mind: A New Approach to Life's Challenges’

* Based on Anna’s wide experience and unique approach, I am sure that participants will benefit a lot from her concept and that it will be a rewarding journey to a happier and more successful professional and personal life.

Hamid Peseschkian, M.D., psychotherapist and psychiatrist, Wiesbaden, Germany

* The 'Unlock Yourself' program integrates a treasure-trove of information from different areas of science to give individuals a wide variety of options for getting unstuck and build fulfilling professional lives. In particular, it is full of thought-provoking experiential exercises to help participants get to know themselves better and apply the information they are learning.

Russell Kolts, PhD, a clinical psychologist and Professor at Eastern Washington University outside of Spokane

* You can learn ways to cope with dissatisfaction as well as identify a source of such dissatisfaction (being or "feeling" trapped in a stressful or dissatisfying situation). While direct action (e.g., requesting job changes) or escape (e.g., seeking another job) can help address such dissatisfaction, psychological techniques are also available in help one cope and even undertake more proactive steps to change feelings of dissatisfaction.

Peter Hom, a management professor at Arizona state university, USA, who studies job satisfaction, job embeddedness, and employee turnover

* This is really a nice product and interesting approach to a relevant topic. I am sure it will have a positive impact.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Sack, Professor of Brain Stimulation and Neurocognitive Psychology at Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Unlock yourself

While changes always have been a part of life, nowadays the pace, continuity and expansion of changes is increasing. The working environment is becoming much more interdisciplinary, international, and competitive. It is expected from employees to be able to do more of their normal work duties in less time, to fulfil additional tasks, often in an international setting and in a climate of high competition. The work-life balance is getting more and more demanding (combining careers, kids, care, social life, more and more in multicultural settings, etc.) while work and private life are blurring. As a result, workplaces require almost continuous adaptation by employees.

These enduring pressures may lead one to have a sense of being stuck:

* situations where one feels overburdened

* wanting more and more: feeling dissatisfied despite of success

* running around in circles and feeling that unlocking yourself demands fundamental changes and decisions (e.g. relations, free time, job)

* when having  the sense of being locked for too long, one may socially isolate, become job locked and/or  ill

Is there a way out of being stuck?

Yes! A lot of your potential  is unused. Instead of letting the pressure and worry kill our creativity, we can train our brain to unlock its true potential.

The training Unlock yourself will help you to:

* create a safe and relaxed environment to reflect

* get insights about yourself, situation, and brain

* learn and implement practical tools which will increase your adaptability, personal agility and resilience

* handle the life long pressure and make the changes you want to make

Previous participants experience:

* improved relations with oneself and others

* better dealing with non stop pressure and challenges

* increased life and job satisfaction

* feeling fit & in control