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Gigi Jobb

I have kids! One girl, age 10. And three boys -- 8, 4, and 2 months old. A fave bliss of mine is soaking in our standard size bathtub with all 4 of them. I also love snowy school mornings.... I'll tell you why later ;)

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About this course

Module 1 :  


Legend tells of a Treasure Map to Parenting Bliss

We  begin with a magical video to awaken hope and imagination...

We will ground our coordinates in the reality of Where You Are Right Now...

We will explore and quest for your own unique X Spot -- what Bliss means to you.

We will begin asking key-in-the-lock questions that open the treasure chest of your Bliss.

Module 2 : 

Learn experimental Pirating strategies to tackle the Hazards of the Deep. 

You'll learn my big picture strategy & see my creative day-to-day systems for:

- encouraging harmonious squabble-free sailing!

- vanquishing the beasts of entitlement and greed!

- cultivating the atmosphere of wonder and gratitude that will feed your bliss!

- securing your vessel against the storms

Module 3 :  

A Master Captain will Run A Tight Ship -- Chores Ahoy!

- Inspire your scalliwags to pull their weight with these unique reward systems

- Cure the bored and lazy, scurvied child with this simple & creative medicine...

- Access more of your genuine inner swarthy & authority (more allegiance! less mutiny!)

- When all else fails, "Speak less & carry a big parrot" -- my favorite discipline tactic  :)

Module 4 :   

The Lost Art of Navigating by Starlight (the birthright of every true Parent!)

We will open up Mastery level topics such as: 

- Parenting Improv - How to roll with the Magic

- Investigative Parenting - How to decipher your children

- Parenting by True North - What are you steering your ship by?

- Stretch yer Bones - the one principle you need to become a truly noble Cap'n of the Sea