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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want DRAW you out of your shell so you can flow and shine freely in Fashion Art and Design! All of the ideas held in your head....I'm here to share the tools, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you at your pace. I want you to feel safe to create, growing into your confidence in a playful, curious way, what I'm teaching learning in my classes at Parsons since 1997 . This is where you can discover the MAGIC that lives in your hands, your mind, and your heart when they work together. Where what you feel, think, know and are curious about l as you leads as you develop your unique style / voice to share with the world and explore what's within you.

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About this course


I’m Laura Volpintesta.

I love everything good about fashion.

I love people, ...








Discovery and research,



I love learning skills and techniques

And using them to make

Beautiful things

Useful things

Meaningful things..

And I love passing them on

And watching them take root in YOU



20 years of college teaching

NYC industry experience and 

Authoring two books

Creating online courses and programs

For Parsons and Craftsy/ Bluprint

I know that my favorite way to work

Is to demystify the tools

Formats and processes

Of fashion design sketching 

Ashion design development and illustration!

I love uncovering the unique fingerprint 

The individual voice of the student

I love to share my secrets, tips and discoveries

To put you on your own journey of discovery

Of the art form and of


  1. model drawing
  2. Drawing
  3. Art supplies
  4. Fabrics
  5. Moodboards
  6. Research
  7. Flat sketching
  8. Line sheets
  9. Gouache techniques
  10. Quick sketching
  11. Final illustrations
  12. Creating collections
  13. Prints/
  14. Textures
  15. Shading
  16. Detail drawing
  17. Clothing constructions
  18. Editing sketches 

Join me for a semester long adventure

15 rich modules

To fill your mind and your hands

And to fill your heart

to fill your 

SKETCHBOOK— your treasure chest

Of design ideas .

all body types, styles and shapes 

Are welcome here.

Fashion Illustration Tribe 

Is about celebrating and creating the world

We want to see

I’m a supportive and playful 

But deep atmosphere

Where you feel safe taking “risks”

And peeling off the layers

To find your own authentic voice

And the joy of that discovery!

I know this joy first hand and can’t wait 

To unlock the doors for you

In an intentional,

Truly creative container.

let’s go!



I know you can do this, and i'ts my goal to see you thrive.

Here's to  bringing out the very best of you and your unique style and point of view.

Fashion NEEDS inspired voices like YOURS. 

Fashion isn't just what you see in Vogue. That's the last of it. Fashion is a basic human need as old as humankind. 

Fashion is an expression that we all have access too. Let's take fashion back!

Please email me ANY questions at :


Laura Volpintesta


Author, the Language of Fashion Design, Rockport Publishers (available in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and French!) instructor. Check out my Craftsy class!

Faculty, Parsons Fashion, since 1997, Patternmaking, Draping, Portfolio, Model Drawing, Design, Sewing

Founder, Mentor, since 2013

Fashion Tribalistas Facebook Group for sharing, asking, giving... resources and encouragement!

Collect and create fabric stories!

Model sketch theory and technique-- All body types encouraged and preferred!

Learn and practice creative fashion illustration with gouache and pencils:

Design your own groups of clothing and present them with lively creative sketches:

Technical drawing and flats:

Get my favorite ground-breaking tips about drawing and sketching and seeing/drawing details in clothing!

and so much more!