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Karen Bonaker

Welcome! I look forward to watching you grow as a digital artist, and I want you to know that as an instructor, I am committed to your artistic growth. You will find I am only an email away, and I strive to respond to all emails within twenty-four hours, I am available for any questions or problems you might encounter in class. You will never be stuck or unable to progress, and I think you will enjoy yourself. See you in class!

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About this course

This course is now a Self Study course. Once you enroll you can download all the course content and work at your own pace. This class does not include instructor critiques however you are encouraged to share your work on the DAA Community site.

Course Syllabus:

  • Each student is expected to have software registered and preloaded ready to go.
  • A free 30 day trial of Corel Painter is included and a link will be provided once you've purchased the course.

Skill Level:


Minimum System Requirements:

Corel Painter 2016, or 2017 with any updates installed and ready to go.

Any sized Wacom Tablet (Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Cintiq

Art Pen for the Wacom Tablet (this is not mandatory, but you will find that many of the brushes I use are sensitive to tilt and rotation.

Laptop  and PC requirements: At least 2 GBs of RAM, a minimum of 2 GHz processor, and ample hard drive space

January - Basic Perspective:

This month we will learn some of the very basic concepts of perspective in terms of landscape painting. The fundamentals are extremely important going forward. But why is getting started so hard? When you begin a landscape painting it is important to understand where to place the horizon line in relation to eye-level. I will show you some simple to understand concepts that will make all the difference in your paintings going forward.

Students will enjoy a live session each month covering the exercises as well as focusing on specific questions the student may have. Please note if the month has already passed the previously recorded live session is made available

Students will also enjoy custom brushes, papers, and more!

February - Aerial/Atmospheric Perspective:

This month we will continue to work with some of the basic principles of perspective, focusing on atmospheric conditions and creating depth and dimension in our landscape paintings.

March - Blenders to Brushes - Flowers:

This month students will enjoy painting, seasonal flower arrangements, focusing on Pastels and Blenders. This is a new technique using various custom brushes which are created for you to use in this class. 

April - Selections 101:

This month students will discover the many ways to work with Masks in Painter! Students will use a template and create wonderful images using numerous techniques. There is more to Masking than meets the eye! 

May - Blenders to Brushes - Birds:

Birds are everywhere and make delightful subjects to paint. This month we will explore painting birds in a photo realistic manner utilizing blenders and brushes. This lesson will take patience and several hours to complete. The brushes will be supplied to you for this lesson. 

June - Photo Compositing:

This month students will explore using collage imagery and photos to create highly textured backgrounds. This month we will explore the world of Composite Photo methods using (r)Corel Painter.You will culminate all that we learned over the last six months into one amazing project! Karen will provide you will two folders of resource images you can use to work on your first Composite image. From there you can use your own images to create wonderful fantasy lands or have fun with portraits and more! Join me for our last session starting June 1st!

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