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Erich Hunter Ph.D.-

Please visit for latest updates. Thanks. Dr. Erich Hunter teaches his pioneering approach to Pendulum Healing practitioners internationally. He is the author of three innovative books on Pendulum Healing and has taught over a thousand practitioners this energy healing method. Erich also designs high-vibration, custom healing pendulums.

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About this course

Please visit for latest updates. Thanks.

Pendulum Magic is a new type of magic that draws from the power of the pendulum to create practical magic in your life. It is a easy to learn and provides results that you can use to help you achieve your goals.

This class will enable you to begin doing powerful magical procedures immediately that will have the net result of improving your life and the lives of those you care for.  Once you have mastered these concepts, you can apply them to every area of your life in need of healing and magic.

A few examples of how pendulum magic can help you:

-Move from scarcity to abundance

-Increase (or decrease) desired outcomes 

-Make travel and transitions go smoothly, 

-Prevent something from happening too fast, or too slow

 -Make yourself more visible, or become less visible to others

-Protect your assets, car, home, health, and safety (of you and loved ones)

You'll receive engaging video lessons designed to help you:

1) Learn what pendulum magic is.

2) How to implement the six step process of pendulum magic.

3) Safely navigating the spirit world.

4) Answers to some common questions.

"Dr. Hunter's pendulum magic has created miracles in my life. Some of these miracles included winning a court case that most lawyers described as impossible to win, arriving an hour early on a flight that was delayed for over an hour, increasing my financial abundance, and creating powerful rituals to achieve my personal goals. I'm very grateful for the power of Dr. Hunter's practical techniques to alter my reality for the positive." --T.C., New York 

"For about the past 6 months I have been seeking to move out of my apartment. The two senior dogs that I have were an issue and almost every desirable apartment I called would only accept one dog according to their rules, or rent that I couldn't afford. I got the pendulum magic course and took notes and decided upon research to work with a candle with an image of " Our Lady of Loreto" whom I read helps those seeking a home. I printed an image from the internet and taped it on a blue candle. I did my commands with the pendulum and to be honest with you didn’t know if this would work or not but decided I had nothing to lose. My lease would have been up on March 31st. I dreaded having to renew. A few weeks ago something told me to contact the apartment again where the leasing agent very vocally told me there was a limit of one dog. In fact their website clearly states this. This time though the very pleasant voice said the limit is two dogs and asked if I would like to view the apartment. I was shocked.

I have since then met with the leasing agent and will be moving there in April. I'm very happy and I believe that the pendulum work I did plus my decision to focus on the move by throwing out items I didn’t need and starting to pack was a symbol to the universe that I would make this move.

Thank you for your inspirational videos and books that made all this possible."-- Diane

Pendulum magic will be of interest to anyone curious about magic and occult influencing of reality. I've been developing pendulum magic and achieving incredible results and I'm excited to teach this new material for the next generation of pendulum healers. Whether you are new to pendulum healing, or looking for an advanced strategies, my techniques will help you implement practical magic in all areas of your life.