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Nora Ellertsen, The Funding Seed

Nora Ellertsen is founder of The Funding Seed, a New Orleans-based company that teaches people how to raise money for nonprofit groups. In the ten years she worked in the nonprofit and fundraising field, she helped to raise nearly one million dollars through grassroots fundraising, grant writing, event planning and major donor development. Since founding The Funding Seed in 2010, she has worked with over 50 nonprofit agencies to help them develop the resources they need to do their work. Learn more at

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About this Course

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The end of the year is when nonprofit giving is at its highest.  Small organizations face unique challenges- and also have unique opportunities!- when it comes to year-end fundraising campaigns.  This course will offer you practical advice and tools to make yours a success!

Each Monday for three weeks, you'll receive easy-to-follow training videos and worksheets to help you organize and execute your fundraising campaign.  Over the course of the week, as you review those materials, you'll have the opportunity to submit questions to clarify specific points and dig in deeper on the topics most relevant to your organization.  Then, each Friday, an interactive webinar will provide the format to address these questions and get ideas from others taking the course.

Course curriculum:

  • Week 1 (October 3-7): Year-End Giving Basics, Individual Donors 101, and Fundraising Campaign Overview
  • Week 2 (October 10-14): Language and Stories That Get Your Donors Giving; Donor Development Deep Dive: Identifying and Cultivating Your Donors
  • Week 3 (October 17-21): Donor Development Deep Dive: Asking and Stewarding Your Donors

This course is open to all and is ideal for small organizations- those that have budgets of $1 million or less and/or that have between zero and three development staff- that are fundraising in the U.S.A., and/or for individuals or nonprofits that are running their first year-end fundraising campaign.