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Karen Bonaker

Welcome! I look forward to watching you grow as a digital artist, and I want you to know that as an instructor, I am committed to your artistic growth. You will find I am only an email away, and I strive to respond to all emails within twenty-four hours, I am available for any questions or problems you might encounter in class. You will never be stuck or unable to progress, and I think you will enjoy yourself. See you in class!

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About this Course

The more I can get students to ask questions and develop answers for themselves, the more I can expect them to be lifelong learners who will continue to develop their artistic skills and understanding. I encourage them to think like team members in the same way that athletes work in teams. Their goal is help each other so that everyone can benefit from the practice.

This classroom is limited to students who wish to learn more about the art of critique, connect with like-minded peers on a members-only group, where you can seek advice, share your goals and expertise, and stay focused.

Member Benefits:

Critique by Painter Master Elite, Karen Bonaker

Group Critique

Painter Advice and Support

Monthly Live Sessions ( These Sessions are recorded for you)