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Kerry Ingram

I'm help postpartum caregivers create parent & baby groups rooted in connection, resilience and acknowledgement in their community. I am inspired by the relationships in my life, mother nature, my son and possibility. I am enthusiastic about building community and change-making, especially in the realm of early parenting. Weaving the wisdom from my LifeWays training, Waldorf teacher training and Innate Traditions postpartum doula training sparked my offering of Community Supported Postpartum. You can find me most often outdoors hiking, camping, gardening, and eating delicious food with family and friends.

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About this course

Welcome to a thriving community of mamas!

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The Heart of the Home online course is a wellspring of inspiration, guidance and practical resources that will support you to cultivate your unique art of mothering. This is a one year course  where you can start anytime and work at your own pace through each month. As mothers, we hold so much of the unseen and valuable pieces of family life. All of the sweet moments of connection, creating holidays, special celebrations, nurturing our community and family, are creating our family culture through the ways we spend our days. How are children feel is what they will remember about childhood. It's often the "little things" that leave us with those special memories, like your Grandmother's special plates and silverware.

Creating a family culture may sound intimidating, even daunting, but it all starts with an intention...your intention. This course will help you get clear on a monthly intention to guide your parenting. Journal and conversation prompts create framework to slow down and really get clear on HOW you want to feel and HOW you want your family to feel.  This course will support you to become more connected with your children, more grounded in your values, and more balanced in the rhythm of your family's life. As a parent and teacher, I draw from my LifeWays and Waldorf training to weave magic and joy through every day activities. With over twelve years of teaching experience, i love sharing real practical tips for connecting deeply with your children. You will receive oodles of resources each month to inspire you to  embody your art of mothering and be the heart of your home. 

You will receive:

Simple and sweet crafts that are inspired by the season and the holidays. Most of our crafts are to do WITH your child, using natural materials and beginner skills. We offer video tutorials, photo tutorials and some downloadable PDFs to make it as easy as possible.

nspiring reading and resources from a collective of wise women from educators to herbalists, will share practical tools to help you embody the parenting qualities which provide clarity and levity.

Seasonal activities, games, songs, stories, recipes and rhymes will create everyday magic and joyful connections with your children.

Bonus offerings like self-care mini retreats on the Equinoxes, a Konmari for moms checklist, thoughtful journal pages, a family visioning worksheet for the new year, tips for writing, a section on home-care with children, and much, much, more.

You will be supported on your journey with bi-monthly emails, a monthly Facebook live video and private group, lively conversation with participants just like you and yours truly; I'm here to help :)